The Lean Startup Program

Designed for Purpose-Driven Organisations


Learn how to create better purposeful products and services via our GameBox. From unpacking the challenge, understanding the problem towards learning. Maximise social impact beyond profit.

Led by our lean startup / social experts, we lead innovation workshops for purpose driven organisations to inspire them to design sustainable social solutions to their customer problems.

red-bird-logo-bird-only  Accelerator

Advice and training for accelerator programmes to maximise purpose, impact and lean practices for their participants.

Latest News

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Social Entrepreneurship & Design Sprint in Beirut

Turning ideas into new social enterprises with Socialstartup Design Sprint in Beirut We at SocialStartup were very excited to hold our very first Social Entrepreneur Workshop in Lebanon at LAU (Adnan Kassar School of Business), which belongs to the top 5% Business...

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Socialstartup Weekend Berlin

Refugee Crisis in Berlin? Report on the Socialstartup Weekend Berlin 2015 Idea to Working MVP In Two Days with Lean Rapid Innovation This is an interview with the founders of, two social entrepreneurs - Andrea Darabos and Daniel Ludwig. Can you tell...

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The GameBox

Learn how to create better social products and services by our high quality templates

From unpacking the challenge, understanding the problem towards learning. Maximise social impact beyond profit.

Get the GameBox Templates

Learn what successful companies do to design solutions that customers love and that create a social impact. Use our 5-step, easy to understand process to get your team started creating and validating ideas. Get all the 5 templates and we will keep you updated of our upcoming innovation workshops.

The Innovation Workshops

All you need is an idea and a purpose

We build powerful methods to introduce the Design Thinking Tools and Business Model Canvas and apply it on the ideas of the participants.

red-bird-logo-bird-only For Entrepreneurs

Our innovation workshops are designed to find solutions for tomorrow social problems with the power of the companies employees and skill set. With the power of entrepreneurial, lean business design, we will explore the problem domain and its key stakeholders, potential “customers”, and iterate solution prototypes for them.

red-bird-logo-bird-only For Employees

We build the model for an innovative businesses that creates social impact with the support of their employees. You’ll be guided by lean startup and social experts, apply the lean startup methodology and throughout the course of the workshop your employees idea will grow into something bigger – a solution for future social challenges.

red-bird-logo-bird-only For Universities

The Social Startup University Program aims to enhance students knowledge of entrepreneurship, by applying relevant and current social  issues in their country and city. Complement university programs with a hands-on workshop on design thinking and lean startup, able to deliver tangible MVE solutions via rapid innovation.

Who’s behind this?

A team is worth a thousand words

We help with planning, execution and advice to turn ideas into social change for purpose driven organisations.

Andrea Darabos

Andrea works with organizations to radically improve their business position and culture by lean continuous improvement and agility.

She defines lean as a journey, when an organisation refocuses on their customers and what they value and engages everyone daily in delivering more of that value through rigorous identification of non-value-adding waste and relentless problem-solving.


Lean Advantage Ltd

Daniel Ludwig

Daniel is Social Entrepreneur and Runner highly motivated to connect businesses and people locally to help achieving their goals globally. Over the last 5 years he had the pleasure to work for Fortune 500 and global operating non profit organisations in US, UK, UAE and ASIA, producing high profile conferences and live events. He specialised in interactive solutions and live event management for B2B and B2C.

Apart of his work in live communication he is the founder of Crowdrunning, an alternative way to fund and market social ideas by highlighting ordinary runners who run for extraordinary projects worldwide.



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