Developing a New Breed of Social Entrepreneurs with Socialstartup Design Sprint in Beirut


lau-logo-01We at SocialStartup are very excited to hold our very first Social Entrepreneur Workshop in Lebanon at LAU (Adnan Kassar School of Business), which belongs to the top 5% Business Schools worldwide.


On a unique 2 days hands-on Design Thinking workshop on Friday 7th and Saturday 8th of October 2016 students, university staff, local NGOs and business partners will meet and learn methodologies to turn ideas into a potential business with social impact. We will develop first MVPs (Minimal Viable Products) of these businesses with the support of our SocialStartup Gamebox templates. From Problem and Customer Discovery towards Prototype Development and Startup Pitching, participants receive a great headstart into Social Impact and lean entrepreneurship.

LAU Social Entrepreneur WorkshopThe 2 days of innovation is sparked by introducing relevant, burning social challenges in Beirut city:

  •  Gender equality and inclusion – in Family Businesses and Economy
  •  Local environment – Improving the local rubbish crisis
  •  Access to education – Lifelong education and youth
  •  Local communities – Improving young people`s health and well-being
  •  Sustainable development goals

By the end of the workshop participants will have confidence in innovation tools and rapid prototyping methods to build MVP (Minimal Viable Products) in just 2 days. We wish that this experience will give them confidence to solve local social issues in an entrepreneurial way in Lebanon.